Fst 01 Mcq Questions (multiple choice questions)

Fst 01 Mcq Questions- From year 2019, ignou announced new changes in the exam of fst 01 and bshf 101 and know Bevae 181 course also.

According to this announce ment, bshf 101 and fst 01, Bevae 181 exams will be conduct with mcq questions only.

So, In this post i am writing about the fst 01 mcq questions, may be these questions can come in your upcoming ignou exam of fst 01.

Note: I also Write the post about bshf 101 mcq questions click to see.

fst 01 mcq questions
fst 01 mcq questions

Here are the Fst 01 Mcq questions

Important Note: These questions are only for practice purpose. For Best result, also study the ignou Fst 01 book thoroughly.

  1. INSAT-1B orbits the Earth in every ? – 08 hours 15 minutes
  2. Which Pottery of 1000 B.C – 600 B.C found in Gangetic Plain? – painted Grey Ware
  3. When Coinage System started? – Iron Age
  4. What is Monarchy Means? – Govern ment under one king/ Sove reign ruler
  5. When is Geological Survey of India Created? – 1851.
  6. The Standard form of ASLV – Augmented satellite launch Vehicle.
  7. The Founder of ISRO – Vikram Sara bhai.
  8. By Whom Artha sastra was written? – Kautilya.
  9. In which age, Caste system emerged? – Iron Age.
  10. A group of stars arranged in a definite pattern defining a region in the sky is called? – Constellation.
  11. The largest planet of solar system is ? – Jupiter.
  12. Acc. to Rigved, In how many regions universe is divided into? – In 3 regions- Earth, Heaven, firma ment.
  13. Who gives the law of Planetary Motion? – Johannes Kepler
  14. Who explained the Ecllipses theory ? – Aryabhatta
  15. What is Dioptics? – Part of optics dealing with passage of light through trans parent bodies like lens or glass
  16. Which hormone increases the heart beat and respiratory rate? – Adrenal medullary hormone
  17. Use of Anaes thetics described in? – Susruta Samhita
  18. The Acoustics is the study of ? – Sound
  19. The Father of Chemistry? – Antoine Leurent Lavoisier
  20. Depletion of ozone layer in the upper atmosphere is due to? – release of chemical compounds with gaseous chlorine or bromine
  21. Acc. Ayurveda, Tridosas which cause illness are? – vayu, Pitta(bile), Kapha
  22. The Endocrine glands are those which secretes? – Hormones directly into blood
  23. In which period, Aryans move towards East? – Rigved Period
  24. Who discovered the circulation of blood theory? – William Harvey
  25. Which is the most suitable tree for the re-clamation of alkaline soil? – Mango Tree

I will post more Mcq Questions of Fst 01 so you can daily check this post.

  1. Which Planet has a high surface tempe rature due to green house effect? – Venus
  2. The Expression for the measure ment of IQ of a person is? – (Mental age / chrono logical age)×100
  3. The Branch of science that developed during Iron Age due to Greek contri bution is? – Mettalurgy
  4. By which tech nology we can get many calves of superior breed in a short time? – Multiple Ovulation Embryo transfer
  5. The study of inter action of organisms with their environ ment is called? – Ecology
  6. What is the entry point of solar energy in Eco system? – Photo synthesis
  7. The Functional unit of Nervous system is called? – Neuron
  8. Which Amino acids our body cannot synthe sise? – Essential Amino Acids

Today’s New Fst 01 Mcq Questions

  1. The Carbon dioxide is utilised during photo synthesis and released during? – Respiration
  2. The 78% of gaseous com ponent of our atmos phere is? – Nitrogen Gas
  3. Due to soil erosion, we not only lose soil but also many ? – soil produc tivity.
  4. When was the decimal system of numbers discovered ? – 287 – 212 B.C
  5. The deficiency of Vitamin A causes ? – night blindness.
  6. Which neurons help in taking messages from sensory organs to central ner vous system? – Sensory neurons.
  7. What type of disease is chicken Box? – Air borne Disease
  8. The Fly ash is used as valuable material for ? – cement, bricks and road embank ment.

IGNOU Helpline Numbers or Contact Numbers

  1. The inner planets are made up of ? – Metal and rocks.
  2. What is Homeo stasis ? – The state of constancy which is vitial for life.
  3. What is the shape of planetry orbit ? – Ellip tical shape.
  4. The name of the theories of Origin of Universe ? – Big bang theory and steady state theory.
  5. What is the Name of Evening & Morning Stars ? – Venus.
  6. The most massive planets of our solar stystem ? – Jupiter and saturn.
  7. The Venus and Uranus rotates its axes in ? – Anti clock wise and counter clock wise.
  8. Who made the observation on planetary motion ? – Tycho Brahe
  9. The earth revolves on its axis from which direction ? – West to east.
  10. Which planet’s orbit crosses neptune’s orbit ? – Pluto.
  11. The movement of sun was observed by whom ? – Galileo.
  12. The visible surface of sun is called ? – Photo sphere.
  13. Which planet has no atmosphere ? – Mercury.
  14. What are the names of two natural satellites of Mars? – Phobos & Deimos.
  15. Which organ are able to control or check loss of water from human body ? – Kidney.
  16. Ozono sphere layer of atmosphere is also known as ? – Strato sphere.
  17. The moon’s surface has flat dark expanses called ? – Maria.
  18. The name of pigment used for manufacture of food in plants ? -Chlorophyll.
  19. What are Vertebrates ? – The Animals possesing a back bone called vertebrates.
  20. The Chemical name of kidney, which controls the absorption of water ? – ADH ( Anti Duratic Hormone).

Today’s fst 01 Multiple choice questions – 13 december 2019

  1. Acc. to survey of 1952, the maximum de forestation has occurred in which state ?- Madhya Pradesh
  2. What is the % of salt in oceanic 100 ml of water ? – 3.5%
  3. What is Bio luminescence ? – The organisms which produce their own light in dark zone.
  4. What is the largest and thickest ecosystem of the earth ? – Oceans
  5. The type of water move ments commonly seen in seas ? – Waves, tides, currents
  6. The distance between Ozone layer and the earth surface is ? – 25 Km
  7. Which gas also known as breathe of life? – Oxygen
  8. Type of plants which form lowest layer on earth ? – Small and tender plants form the lowest layer on earth
  9. Define Strati fication ? – The forests posses multi layered structure called strati fication.
  10. Which gas has high affinity to combine with hemoglobin ? – Co (carbon monoxide)
  11. The Average temperature of earth is ? – 16 degree Celcius
  12. For conserve energy animals go for sleep at very low temperature, the term for this called ?- hibernate
  13. By the national forest policy in 1952, which states fulfill the stipulation of forets cover in hill regions ? – Manipur, Arunachal Pradesh, Andaman & Nicobar island
  14. Who lead the Chipko Andolan? – Chandi Prasad Bhatt
  15. Types of Pollutants that causes pollution ? – two types persistent and non- persistent
  16. The Acid rain cause stone cancer to which monument ? – Taj Mahal
  17. The Ph value of acid rain ? Between 3.0 – 5.6
  18. The Ph value of Normal Rain ? – 5.6
  19. Which gas also known as silent killer gas ? – Co
  20. Types of categories of pollution caused by coal and wood ?- Co, Hydro carbon, Sulphur Dioxide, Particulates and Nitrogen oxide (total 5 categories)

New Fst MCQ Question

  1. The Aging is Caused by – Deterioration in Structure and function of cells and organ of the body.
  2. What is Ecology ? – Relation ship between Organisms and their environment.
  3. The Normal Tempe rature of Human ?- 37 Degree Celcius
  4. Define Cyber netics ? – Develop ment to study information & Control in a general way.
  5. What is food web ? – Different food chains which are interwoven are said to be food web.
  6. Asexual Reproduction is crarried out by only – Single Parent
  7. Gametes are formed by – Reducing the No. of chromosomes by half.
  8. What are decomposers ? – Who feed dead plants and animals.
  9. Who gave the theory of Chemical Evolution ?- Oparin Haldane
  10. The Energy flow is one way While Nutrients flow is ? – Cyclic
  11. The Origin of Species is Written By -Charles Darwin
  12. The Nitrogen Enters the food web through ? – Plants
  13. Volcanoes are one of the most important sources of ? – Nitrogen
  14. Leaf , Caterpillar, Sparrow, Eagle- It’s a Food chain
  15. What is Tropic Level ? – The links or Steps in food chain.
  16. The Plants take up the nitrogen in the form of ? – Nitrates

IGNOU BCA Syllabus 2019 Semester wise, Fees and duration

  1. The world’s Poultry trace their origin to the red jungle fowl of ? – Madhya pradesh
  2. The Depletion of Ozone Layer Due to – CFC ( Chloro fluoro carbon)
  3. Plastics, Pesticides, Heavy Metals causes ? – Soil Pollution
  4. The Loudness of Noise measured in ? – Decibels (Db)
  5. When and which gas is involve in Bhopal gas tragedy ?- Methyl Iso Cyanide gas (MIC) in 1984.
  6. The Chernobyl Disaster happened in ? – Ukraine
  7. When Nuclear Bomb used by America on Hiroshima & Nagasaki ? – In 1945.
  8. Minerals and lands are example of ? – Renewable Resources
  9. Which gas has sharp Odour & irritates Respiratory tissue ? – SO2
  10. Which material used as valuable cementing material ?- Fly Ash
  11. Which can be twined along the trunks of coconut and areca nut trees ?- Pepper
  12. The Mammals like rats, mice and their relatives called ? – Rodents
  13. Granaries of Harrapan Period are indicators of ? – Good Agriculture
  14. Define Soil Maps ? – Showing types of soil, their composition & biological productivity.
  15. The Europian goat also known as ? – Wet Nurse
  16. Define Mixed Cropping ? – Compatible crops sown together in a field known as mixed cropping.
  17. The First country to develop hybrid cotton ? – India
  18. The Milch Breeds refers to – milk producing animals
  19. The Potato is Propogated by ? – Seed Tuber
  20. Which breed produces the valuable textile hair called mohair ? – Angora Breeds
  21. The Vegetables and fruits are consider as ? – Horti culture
  22. The Dual Purpose breeds used for ? – Milk and work
  23. The Natural Protein factory on land ? – Pig

Also see some other questions.

  1. Define Embryo transfer technology ? – It offers great scope to produce pedigree animals on a mass scale within a short time.
  2. The Composite fish culture is ? – Step Wise Rearing
  3. The Tribals practice as age old method of cultivation known as ? – Slash and burn, jhum and podu cultivation.
  4. What is Tissue Culture ? – When any cell or a part of any plant grown in a nutrient medium said to be tissue culture.
  5. Which Vitamins are soluble in Water ? – Vitamin B & C
  6. The Carbohydrate and fat are consider as ? – Energy giving food.
  7. Define Culture Fisheries ? – In this practice, fish are grown in plants and caught by workers when they are ready to eat.
  8. Which type of Blood cells are developed in thymus and bone marrow ? – White blood cells (WBC).
  9. The raw material used for building muscles, skin, blood and bones ? – Proteins
  10. The Full form of BMR ? – Basal metabolic rate
  11. The Emergency energy store in our body as ? – Fat
  12. The Full form of Aids ? – Acquired Immune Deficiency syndrome.
  13. The Richest source of plant protein ? Soyabean
  14. Which vitamin destroyed on cooking at high temperature ? -Vitamin C
  15. The kwashiorkor is caused due to deficiency of ? – Protein
  16. The first ever antibiotic discovered from a culture of fungus ? – Penicillin.
  17. The Vitamin K helps in ? – Stop Bleeding
  18. The Goiter is caused due to deficiency of ? – Iodine.
  19. The Night blindness are caused due to deficiency of ? – Vitamin A
  20. The Turmeric is adultered with ? – Mentanil yellow.
  21. The Rickets are caused due to deficiency of ? – Vitamin D
  22. The Marasmus disease caused due to deficiency of ?- Protein and calories

Also See, IGNOU Assignments (Updated)

  1. The AIDs is caused by ? – HIV virus
  2. What is the Major physical barrier to the entry of germs ? – Skin
  3. The Types of Neuron are ? – motor neurons, inter neurons or asso ciation neurons and sensory neurons.
  4. Who is called Father of Vaccination ? – Edward Jenner.
  5. The WBC neutralize the toxins by producing ? – Antibodies.
  6. The Diarrhea during teething is due to ? – Infection.
  7. Who discover the Vitamin A ? – Elmer Mac Collum.
  8. Define Asymptomatic period ? – The Initial infection of HIV.
  9. The HIV virus specifically attacks and disable the ? – Immune System.
  10. Which type of blood cells also called defence force in the Body ? – WBC (white blood cells)
  11. The Nervous system consists of ? – spinal cord, brain and peripheral nerves.
  12. The Lysosomes are found in ? – saliva, tears, tissue fluid and nasal secretion.
  13. The Types of Mode of transmission of diseases are ? – Air borne disease, food borne disease and disease spread by insects.
  14. Define Cerebral cortex ? – the outer surface of the cerebrum.
  15. The connection between two neurons in the form of a gap known as ? – Synapses.
  16. It migrates from stomach to the leg and produces larvae which are released in water are ? – Adult worms.
  17. The Largest part of brain is ? – Cerebrum.
  18. The Deficiency of iron and vitamin A causes ? – Anemia and Eye lesions.
  19. What is Essential to produce strong teeth that resist decay ? – Fluorine
  20. The Pellagra cause due to ? – Vitamin B 2
  21. Which give Red colour to the blood ? – Haemo globin.
  22. The energy value of food is known as ? – Calories.
  23. The Substances that cause allergy by nature is ? – Protein.
  24. Which portion of brain that connects it to the spinal cord ? – Brain Stem.
  25. When was Department of Indian system of medicine and Homeopathy created in ? 1995.
  26. What is the Functional units of the whole nervous system ? – Neurons.
  27. The Damage to it results in coma or permanent sleep – Mid Brain.

Also see: IGNOU Re-registration 2021

  1. Define Ergonomics ? – The study of efficiency of a person in his working environ ment.
  2. Which part of brain Helps to regulate respiration, blood pressure, vomiting and other involuntary function. ? – Medulla.
  3. The insulin release is unbalance in which type of people ? – Diabetic people.
  4. The PNS consists of 12 pairs of individual nerves called ? – Carnial nerves.
  5. Who studied the physiology of digetsion of dogs and flow of saliva. ? – Ivan Pavloc.
  6. Which part of our brain deals with information like logically, linguistic ability and mathe matical problems. ? – Left half of our brain deals with these type of infor mation.
  7. The 2 to 7 year old children undergoes to which period ? – Pre operational period.
  8. What are the factors that affect the psychological stability of an astronaut in space ? – Isolation, lack of sensory stimuli, Weight lessness.
  9. How many pairs of spinal nerves that branch off from the spinal cord throughout its length. ? – 31 pairs.
  10. The Spinal Cord protect by bony rings called ? – Vertebrae.
  11. The Total time gap between stimulis and response is ? – 1/15.
  12. Which hormone is release by Adrenal gland ? – Adrenaline.

IGNOU CPSCM- Certificate in Peace Studies and Conflict Management (New)

  1. What is meant by Adult franchise ? – It means every adult has right to vote in local elections, state legislative and lok sabha elections in india.
  2. When Bandung Conference Held ? – 1956.
  3. When National Policy on Education approved by parliament ? – In 1986.
  4. When and for which purpose Salt satyagraha started ? – In 1930 against the tax on salt.
  5. The Editorial of a Newspaper is a ? – Mass Communi cation.
  6. When was Door darshan started with syllabus based lessons for school children in Delhi ? – In 1961.
  7. Name the India’s own multi purpose satellite and when it was launched ? – INSAT-B launched in August 1983.
  8. The Full form of SITE ? – Satellite Instructional Television Experiment.
  9. When Door darshan started the color transmission ? – 1982.
  10. When and by whom Namedia inaugurated ? – In 1983 by Indira Gandhi.
  11. The Indian Jute Industries research association set up in ? – Calcutta.
  12. Where and when first co-operative research association set up ? – In 1950 , Ahmedabad.
  13. When scientific policy resolution drafted and adopted by indian parliament ? – In 1958.
  14. All rays of Laser light made up of ? – same wavelength.
  15. The Technology Policy ensures security of ?- Food, shelter and cloth.
  16. The full form of NRDC ? – National Research & Develop ment corporation.
  17. Which Material India Export to Malaysia ? -Computer Equipment and software.
  18. The largest Deposit of Lignite is found in ? – Tamil Nadu.

IGNOU Question Papers June/ December 2009-2019 (Previous Year Question Papers)

  1. The Laser has a property of ? – Coherence.
  2. The Rauwalfia serpentine a drug also known as Serpasil is given to patient of ? – High blood Pressure.
  3. For world’s energy what is % of human & animal Labour today is ? – 5%.
  4. The first Nuclear power reactor has been commissioned in ? -kalpakkam, Madras.
  5. The First Wholly man made synthetic fiber is ? – Nylon.
  6. Viscose or raw nylon is made from ? – Wood Pulp.
  7. Technology through which Anti diabetic drug Insulin obtained ? – Gene Splicing.
  8. The Shrinking Proofing ? – Coating the fibers with melamine formal dehyde resin affects the property of fiber.
  9. The Main source of Sugar in India is ? – Sugarcane.
  10. The Raw Sugar is de colorized by ? – Activated carbon.
  11. Which is used for reinforcing engineering plastics & plastics for sports goods ? – Carbon Fiber.
  12. The Biggest Petro chemical Industry is located in ? – Baroda.

Welcome Again guys, know I again upload the fresh new fst 01 mcq questions for the upcoming June 2020 exams.

New Fresh Questions – 17 March 2020

  1. A painted gray pottery found near digging site of delhi belongs to which time period ? – Medieval time period
  2. The treatment of detached Retina is carried out by ? – Laser surgery
  3. The Use of regular Coinage related to ? – Iron age.
  4. The Making of Rust proof iron belongs to which period ? – Gupta Period.
  5. Water Screw was invented during which civilisation ? – Iron Age Greek civili sation.
  6. The Contribution of the Arabs are ? –
  • First treat ment of Optics
  • Use of Number system
  • For the first time, Chemistry wast treated rationally
  • Large scale production of salts.
  1. The study of Scattering of light carried out by which scientist ? – C.V Raman and he also won noble prize in physics.
  2. The Invention of Steam engine and telegraph led to which revolution in europe ? – Industrial revo lution.
  3. Whic scientist investigated on Bees ? – Aristotle.
  4. Define Apartheid ? – A policy of discrimi nation on a racial basis.
  5. The Detailed des cription of natural and man made features of a place on maps is known as ? – Topo graphy.

New Fst questions -19 March 2020

  1. Galileo’s was first who supported  the theory of ? – helio centric model of universe.
  2. In which period, decimal number system discovered ? – Bronze age.
  3. The two scientific achieve ments during the bronze age ? – Quanti tative science, medicine and astro nomy.
  4. Two Technical Achieve ments during bronze age ? – Use of transport and metals.
  5. Name the Indian math matician who who worked on “Number Theory” ? – ramanujan.
  6. Chemistry (branch of science ) developed due to greek contri bution in which age ? – Iron age
  7. In which subject table of logarithims contri butes major role in ancient indian civi lisation ? – Mathe matics.
  8. The invention of algebra happen in which period ? – Iron Age (India).
  9. The Technological developments during the Mauryan Period ?
  • 32 feet high ashoka’s pillar.
  • It was the golden period in field of technology.
  • Develop ment in Civil engineering.
  • Statue of dancing lord Shiva (bronze Statue)
  • Excellent roads were built for army and traders.
  • At time of Ashoka, Stupa and Sanchi gate was first built and then enlarged over time to time.
  1. Who gave the concepts of fractions, permutations & combination, mensuration, geometry, etc. ? – Jainas (expert in maths)
  2. The Multi Storeyed buildings is used in which civilisation ? – Indus Valley Civi lisation.
  3. Big Contributions of Arya bhatta in Astronomy ?
  • He believed that earth rotates and heavens are motion less.
  • The famous mathe matician and astronomer , he Construct the trigno metric table.
  • He gave the explanation of ocurrence of eclipses.
  • In his astro nomical calculations, he uses value of Sin and Cosine.
  1. An ancient astronomer Varaha mihira believed that ? – The sun, moon and the planets move around the earth and the earth is motion less.
  2. Advance ment in the area of Chemistry and botany occur in ? – Iron Age india.

New Fst 01 mcq questions – 27 April 2020.

  1. Important points of Indus Valley civili sation ?
  • They had great accu racy in measuring Mass, time and length.
  • Developed the system of weight and trade.
  • They all were settled on 1.25 million km of land ( today’s part of North west India, Afgha nistan, and Pakistan).
  • Drainage system, wells, storage system are part of this civi lisation.
  1. What is tech nology ? – Invention of master tools to make other tools.
  2. Who deve loped the table of logarithms ? – John Napier.
  3. Five technical inno vations of medieval india ? – Paper manu facture, Distillation, weaving, belt-drive, gearing.
  4. The book written by Ibn al hay tham ? – Optical Thesaurus.
  5. The carakas postulated theories was about the ? – diagnosis and prog nosis of disease.
  6. The method used for organic materials that posses carbon ? – Radio carbon dating.
  7. Why tem perature of venus is high campared to mercury ? – Due to green house effect on venus.
  8. Define Black hole ? – Final stage of massive star due to evolution.
  9. Branch of science that study of plants and animals life in past geological periods is called ? – Palaeon tology.
  10. The Miller conduct experi ments to provide evidence for the ? chemical evolution of life.
  11. What is Globular cluster ? – Compact group of several million stars.
  12. Define Super nova ? – Explosion of massive stars, release huge energy.

Fst 01 Mcq Questions Updated on 29 April 2020.

  1. When was Pluto discovered at right place in the sky ? – 1916.
  2. Define Big Bang Theory ? – It states that universe started with a huge explosion.
  3. Name the methods used for exploring the universe ? – Four methods are Optical Astro nomy, Radio Astro nomy, Space probes and visitors form the space and Space observations.
  4. By which method, discovery of Quasar and Andro meda galaxy occur ? – Radio Astronomy.
  5. When was Neptune seen at exact position predicted by galle at the berlin Laboratory ? – 23 September 1846.
  6. Define Jovian/Outer planets ? – Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Pluto and Uranus, mostly contain gas and ice.
  7. Define Terrestrial/Inner Planet ? – Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars, mostly contain metals and rocks.
  8. Name the Scientist who discovered sunspots, mountains on moon and four moons revolving around jupiter ? – Galileo Galilei.
  9. What are the major evidence that supports the theory which states that homo sapiens evolved from pre existing living forms ?
  • Anthro pological Evidence, example – Cave Paintings of Animals.
  • Palaeon tological Evidence, example- Fossils
  • Archeo logical Evidence, example – tools at ancient sites.
  • Bio chemical Evidence, example – DNA difference in different species.

Fresh questions of Fst Mcq questions. (Updated on 02 May 2020)

  1. The Evidences of Big bang Theory ?
  • Hubble’s Law states that galaxies move away from each other at proportional speed to their distance.
  • High Amount (Abundance) of hydrogen & Helium gases found in Universe.
  • Discovery of Cosmic Microwave Back ground Radiation (CMB) at 270.425 degree Celcius ( 2.725 degree Kelvin ) in 1965 by Arno Penzias & Robert Wilson ( Radio astro nomers ).
  1. When was Steady State theory proposed ? – In 1948 By Hermann Bondi as alternative to Big bang theory.
  2. The Book name as Sidereus Nuncius written by ? – Galileo Galilei.
  3. When was Edwin Hubble discovered which law ? – Hubble’s Law 1929.
  4. With the help of Radio activity ? – We can accuartely dating the fossils and few type of rocks.
  5. In 1978, the Noble Prize Winner in physics are ? – Arno Penzias & Robert Wilson for discovery of Cosmic Micro wave Background Radiation (CMB).
  6. Define Darwin theory of Evolution ? – All species of organisms arise and develop through the natural selection and descended from a common ancestor.
  7. The Isotopes of Flourine and Phosphorous helps in ? to find the age of fossils in which all organic matter is decayed.
  8. The Vitamin D is also known as ? – Sunshine Vitamin.
  9. The Coherence is a unique property of ? – Laser
  10. What is Crescro graph ? – Used to measure the rate of growth of a plant.

Latest New Fst Mcq questions – 13 February 2021

  1.  Which is the thickest and largest ecosystem of the earth ? – Oceans.
  2. Eco friendly Integrated pest management method is used for minimising the ? – damage due to pest infestation.
  3. The fast growing fuel wood yielding tree is ? – Subabul.

You can always check this post for new fst 01 mcq questions. New Question will be added.

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