IGNOU Grade Card Status 2024

IGNOU Grade Card status 2024- You can get the all information about the grade. On this page you can also download ignou grade card of june and december 2024.

Now, the grade card of 2024 is updated for the student who completed their june Term end examination 2024. You can download ignou grade card 2024 in this post.

How to Check IGNOU Grade card status 2024

Ignou grade card is a card where you can see all your assignment marks, theory marks, practical marks, project marks at one place.

We can also said that this is your report card before the final degree.

You can’t just check your previous marks of last exam but can also see all the marks of subjects that you completed previously.

Student can now check their grade card status for 2024. You can download the grade card by below links.

For different programs, there is 1 link for downloading grade cards.

For MCA/MPB/MC/BCA/BA/B.COM/B.SC/ASSO and for other Programmes- Click here

You can easily download your grade card or check the Ignou grade card status 2024 online.

  • First of all, click one of the links that are your program from above.
  • Select your program
  • Enter your Enrollment number
  • Submit

All the information regarding your practical mark, Assignment mark, theory mark, and project mark will be displayed on the screen.

If IGNOU Grade Card Status shows incompleted, What does it mean?

Your Grade card status can show incompleted due to these reasons-

  • For example- I am doing BCA and I have to take a theory and practical exam and should also submit assignments and projects for each subject in BCA.
  • But I give only theory and not take practical exams and do not submit any assignment for each subject then, my card will show incompleted for that particular subject.
 ignou grade card
  • Take another example- You can see Acc1 show completed because assignment is submitted and also pass in theory exam so status is showing completed.
  • In lse4L which is a practical exam, here practical is completed so status showing completed ( there is no need to submit assignment for lse4l practical and there is no separate theory exam for practical )
  • In BsHF101, in theory this student is passed but not submitted his assign ment so status is incompleted.
  • Che2 and che4, here are assignments are completed but not give theory exams so status is incompleted.
  • In lse3, Assignment and theory is given but in assignment student is passed but in theory he is failed so so status showing not completed.
  • Note-There are no projects for Bsc, so the project section is not mentioned in this grade card.

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