IGNOU BA Public Administration Syllabus 2024

In this post we will see the ignou ba public administration syllabus 2024 semester wise in detail.

The Programme code of ignou ba public administration Honours is BAPAH. Ignou introduces the BAH ( Bachelor of Arts Honours) Programmes from june 2020 and BAPAH is one of the honours programme introduced by ignou.

Before the detail of bapah ignou syllabus, we will also look into the ignou ba public administration honours fee structure, duration and eligibility.

IGNOU BAPAH Fee Structure

  • The Total Fee of the Bachelor of Arts Public Administration Honours (BAPAH) programme is Rs 9600.
  • The Fees has to be paid yearly wise @ Rs 3200.
  • But in the first year only, student has to paid an extra fee of Rs 200 with Rs 3200 as registration fee.

Duration of BAPAH Programme

  • The Minimum Duration of this BAPAH programme is 3 years.
  • The Maximum Duration is 6 years.

Eligibility of BAPAH Programme

10+2 or it’s equivalent qualified student can get admission in BAPAH Programme.

IGNOU BA Public Administration Syllabus (BAPAH)

IGNOU BA Public Administration Syllabus 2024

Know we will see the detailed syllabus of ignou ba public administration Syllabus 2024 and after this, we will see the semester-wise syllabus.

This IGNOU BAPAH Programme is total of 148 credits. These 148 credits are divided into five types of courses and these are:

a) Core Courses (CC)
b) Discipline Specific Electives (DSE)
c) Ability Enhancement Compulsory Courses (AECC)
d) Skill Enhance ment Courses (SEC)
e) Generic Electives (GE)

a) Core Courses (CC)

Course CodeCourse TitleCredits
BPAC 101Perspectives on Public Administration6
BPAC 102Administrative Thinkers6
BPAC 103Administrative System at Union Level6
BPAC 104Administrative System at State and District Levels6
BPAC 105Personnel Administration6
BPAC 106Understanding Public Policy6
BPAC 107Comparative Public Administration6
BPAC 108Public Policy and Administration in India6
BPAC 109Public Systems Management6
BPAC 110Urban Local Governance6
BPAC 111Public Finance and Administration6
BPAC 112Rural Local Governance6
BPAC 113Development Administration6
BPAC 114Contemporary Issues and Concerns in Indian Administration6

b) Discipline Specific Electives (DSE)

Course CodeCourse TitleCredits
BPAE 141Right to Information6
BPAE 142Organi zational Behaviour6
BPAE 143Adminis trative System in BRICS6
BPAE 144Social Policies and Adminis tration6

c) Ability Enhancement Compulsory Courses (AECC)

Course CodeCourse TitleCredits
BEVAE 181Environ mental Studies4
BEGAE 182English Communication Skills4
BHDAE 182Hindi Bhasha Aur San preshan4

d) Skill Enhancement Courses (SEC)

Course CodeCourse TitleCredits
BPCS 183Emotional Intelligence4
BPCS 186Managing Stress4

e) Generic Electives (GE)

Course CodeCourse TitleCredits
BPCG 171General Psychology6
BGDG 172Gender Sensitization: Society and Culture6
BSOG 173Rethinking Development6
BPCG 174 Psychology and Media6

IGNOU BA Public Administration Syllabus Semester Wise 2024

In this section, you will see the ignou ba Public Administration Syllabus 2024 semester wise with all credits.

  • Here I+II semester means Ist year.
  • III+IV semester means 2nd year.
  • V+VI semester means 3rd year.
SemesterCore Course (cc)Discipline Specific Elective (Dse)Ability
Credits Per Semester
BPAC 102
BEVAE 181BPCG 17122 credits
BPAC 104
BGDG 17222 credits
BPAC 106
BPAC 107
BPCS 183BSOG 17328 credits
BPAC 109
BPAC 110
BPCS 186BPCG 17428 credits
BPAC 112
BPAE 141
BPAE 143
24 credits
BPAC 114
BPAE 142
BPAE 144
24 credits
Total84 credits24 credits8 credits8 credits24 credits148 credits

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    1. it is not confirmed yet because this program is new and exams are not held. But syllabus is available in semester wise. You can confirm this from your study centre or regional centre. If you get answer by study centre or regional centre then please comment in this post.

      1. And what about the students who have already completed 48 credits in public administration’s various courses throughout the 3 yrs of graduation? Wouldn’t they be called pubAd specialized graduates?

  1. I enquired for BAPAH at wisdom education in Abu Dhabi for distance learning,what they told me is that fees I have to pay for first year is 2000 AED plus registration charge 250 AED. For second and third year 2000 AED each. My question is this who decides this fees IGNOU or Wisdom Education?! Do IGNOU know about the fees in UAE?!

  2. Sir, Where is the syllabus can you provide the syllabus of B.A.Honors Public administration. And study material or youtube channel. any things to provide you please tell me.

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