IGNOU BA English Honours Syllabus 2023

If you are searching for the latest ignou ba english honours syllabus 2023 semester wise in detail. Then you are at the right place.

Ignou Starts Honours programme of ba english few time back. The ignou programme code of Bachelor of Arts English Honours is BAEGH.

Know, in this post we will look into the ignou ba english honours Syllabus, subjects, fees, duration and eligibility.

IGNOU BA English Honours Fees

  • The total fees for the full programme of Bachelor of Arts English honours (BAEGH) is Rs 9,600.
  • Which is to be paid year wise @ Rs 3,200 each year.
  • But in first year of the program, an extra fee of Rs 200 is to be paid with Rs 3200 as registration fee.
  • That means only in first year total of Rs 3400 is to be paid.

Duration of BAEGH Programme

  • The minimum duration of BAEGH program is 3 years.
  • The Maximum duration is 6 years.

Eligibility of BAEGH Programme

One can get admission in this BAEGH programme, if he/she completed 10+2 or it’s equivalent.

IGNOU BA English Honours Syllabus
IGNOU BA English Honours Syllabus

IGNOU BA English Honours Syllabus 2023

Know, we will see the detailed syllabus of ignou ba english honours syllabus 2023. After this we will also see the semester wise syllabus for 2023.

The Total Credits in this BAEGH Programme are 148. These 148 credits are a mixture of five categories and these are:

a) Core Courses (CC)
b) Discipline Specific Electives (DSE)
c) Ability Enhancement Compulsory Courses (AECC)
d) Skill Enhance ment Courses (SEC)
e) Generic Electives (GE)

Important Note:

  • These are all the courses with course code, course title and credits in detail. You have to select the courses for your Ist year, next semester or next year from these categories.
  • At last of this post, there is also a table from where you can easily see your courses of your year/semester.

a) Core Courses (CC)

Course CodeCourse TitleCredits
BEGC 101Indian Classical Literature6
BEGC 102European Classical Literature6
BEGC 103Indian Writing in English6
BEGC 104British Poetry and Drama : 14th- 17th Centuries6
BEGC 105American Literature6
BEGC 106Popular Literature6
BEGC 107British Poetry and Drama: 17th & 18th Centuries6
BEGC 108British Literature: 18th Century6
BEGC 109British Romantic Literature6
BEGC 110British Literature: 19th Century6
BEGC 111Women’s Writing6
BEGC 112British Literature: The Early 20th Century6
BEGC 113Modern European Drama6
BEGC 114Postcolonial Literatures6

b) Discipline Specific Electives (DSE)

Course CodeCourse TitleCredits
BEGE 141Understanding Prose6
BEGE 142Understanding Drama6
BEGE 143Understanding Poetry6
BEGE 144Understanding The Novel6

c) Ability Enhancement Compulsory Courses (AECC)

Course CodeCourse TitleCredits
BEVAE 181Environ mental Studies4
BEGAE 182English Communication Skills4

d) Skill Enhancement Courses (SEC)

Course CodeCourse TitleCredits
BANS 183Tourism Anthropology4
BPCS 186Managing Stress4

e) Generic Electives (GE)

Course CodeCourse TitleCredits
BSOG 171Indian Society: Images and Realities6
BGDG 172Gender Studies6
BSOG 173Rethinking Development6
BPCG 174 Psychology and Media6

IGNOU BA English Honours Syllabus Semester Wise 2023

Know in this section, you will see the ignou ba english honours Syllabus 2023 semester wise in detail.

From here, you can see the courses of your year/ semester very easily.

  • Here Ist year means I+II semester.
  • 2nd year means III+IV semester.
  • 3rd year means V+VI semester.
SemesterCore Course (cc)Discipline Specific Elective (Dse)Ability
Credits Per Semester
BEGC 102
BEVAE 181BSOG 17122 credits
BEGC 104
BSDG 17222 credits
BEGC 106
BEGC 107
BANS 183BSOG 17328 credits
BEGC 109
BEGC 110
BPCS 186BPCG 17428 credits
BEGC 112
BEGE 141
BEGE 143
24 credits
BEGC 114
BEGE 142
BEGE 144
24 credits
Total84 credits24 credits8 credits8 credits24 credits148 credits

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  1. I am pursuing 1st year BA English honours and has not yet received my complete study materials from the ignou centre ( my reginal centre is in Mumbai) ; it was told that they will deliver it soon from Delhi and so…but only got one book (BPCS 186). What about the rest? Plz reply!
    Also, I wanted to know whether both sem 1 & 2 portion exam will only be once i.e. at the end of the year or twice?

    1. For Books contact rc mumbai. Here sem 1 and 2 means ist year. And exam of ist year will be held at the end of year. For example – if you took admission in july 2020 then your first year ( sem 1+2) exams will be held in june 2021.

      1. Same here can you contact me by email address? if yes then I will give u my email address thank u

        1. I m a teacher in secondary section.

          I have taken admission in BA English honour but I want to know is this subject is applicable for me in school.
          What is the difference between BA in English and BA in English honour.

          Plz explain which BA is useful for me in school


    1. study material should be reached at home in approx. 2 months. If you don’t get yet. Then go to your area post office and ask them about study material. If they told that they don’t receive any study material from ignou. Then go to the regional Centre.

  2. I did not receive assignment details of B.A honours and also the digital study materials. The Ignou website is also difficult to use, there are more links within links.

    1. if you want to know how to download ignou assignment then click on assignment section on this website and for digital study material type ignou e gyankosh on google. Also, if yo want to know how ignou works then subscribe to ignouhelpdesk youtube channel. On this channel you can see the videos related to ignou.

  3. sir if i take admission in july 2020 session so i need to submit 8 assignments for June TEE 2021 examinations

    1. yes, if you want to give exam of all your ist year subjects in june 2021 then submit all 08 subject’s assignment.

  4. i’m pursuing my 1 year BA English Honours and in my student portal its showing me ( Jul 2020 1 semester/year BEGAE182 BEGC101 BEGC102 BSOG171 BEGC104 BEVAE181 BGDG172 BEGC103 all are showing compulsary now i only got 4 assignment pfd and rest i did’nt get till now. where will i get the rest and if i want to give my exams in june then how many papers will i give can you help me out with the informations please because i have no idea about all this. thank you

    1. I’ll also Joining Ignou this year in June so my sir said that if i’ll take admission in June then i’ll give 1st year exam next year July

    2. Hi AYsha, I hope you are doing well. I am also pursuing BAEGH from IGNOU Jan 2021 session. I was casually surfing about the course on google and I found your comment. I can see you are also from Jan 21 session. If you don’t mind, I was looking for someone from the same session with whom I could be in touch with. Looking forward for your reply!

  5. I took admission in January 2021. When can I give my exams?
    I haven’t received study material even I registered 3 months back.

  6. I want to take admission in BA Eng Hons. I saw the above mentioned details as well as read prospectus many times. Can you please clarify if there is any choice or something? I cannot understand .. I see that all the courses mentioned make 148 credits, which are required and compulsory. So there is no chance of making a selection.
    For Eg- Even the general elective course constitute subjects with code 172, 173, 174 and 175 which make a total of 24 credits. other. And other courses make a total of 124 credits so these 24 credits are necessarily to be taken to make credits 148..
    I’m really confused. Please reply as soon as possible as deadline for admission is near and I have to look for other things as well.

    1. Please read this post thorougl then you will understand how to choose subjects. Yes, it is little bit confusing but you got the answer by reading this post.

  7. I took admission in BAEGH in July, 2021. I opted for soft copy learning material, and downloaded the same from egyankosh.ac.in. The problem that i am facing right now is regarding an elective subject of first semester, that is BABG171 – Understanding Ambedkar. The study material for this subject on egyankosh, is in corrupted format. All the unit files and block file are corrupted, when the pdf is opened. Please help regarding the same. Thank you.

    1. This problem is from ignou side, you can complain for this problem through mail or by call. And keep trying downloading your syllabus because it can be solve any time.

    2. I also took admission in July 2021 in same course…… But i dont know about ignou and their study material…. Syallbus…. Please help me!!!! To understand ……

      1. I also took admission in july2021 in same course…But I dont known about ignou and their study material…. syllabus.. and what about Assignment submition date?

  8. I also took admission in july2021 in same course…But I dont known about ignou and their study material…. syllabus.. and what about Assignment submition date?

  9. Hi, I am Khushi Chaudhary, I took admission in BAEGH(IGNOU) for JAN 2021 session, I was looking for someone who is from the same course and session. Please contact me if suitable for you as soon as you see this message. Thank You !

      1. Hi ARVIND , as it has been 1 year, could you please tell me that by when you given semester 1 and semester 2 exams.

    1. Hi khusi , as it has been 1 year, could you please tell me that by when you given semester 1 and semester 2 exams.

  10. Hy i took admission in july 2021 in ba. Economic hons.
    If anybody in the same course please msg here.
    I need help

  11. I took admission in july 2021 session, admission confirmed on 11th november 2021.
    I collected study material in first week of february 2022.
    the study material is for semester 1 and semester 2.
    please confirm, by when first semester and 2nd semester exams will be happen.

  12. Hye, karan I also took admission in same session as you are in. If we are in contact then it will be very beneficial for us to complete our course easily.

  13. Hey
    I took admission in English honours 2022 I’m confused
    Do we have to give exam of all the 6 semester at term end?
    Can someone please explain

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